Monday, 7 December 2009

This is how you spell 'HAHAHA, I've destroyed the hopes and the dreams of a generation of faux-romantics".

"You walk in from your mother's balcony, panda-eyed and freezing cold. You bury yourself in my chest to warm I notice the goosebumps on your arms, millions and whether it's because of the numbers of hours spent laid facedown on my bed listening to white noise, or, well, obviously it's not, I somehow manage to translate them from braille. The trails on your skin spoke more to me than the reams and reams of half finished novels you'd leave lying all over the place and every quotation that'd dribble from your mouth like a final, fatal livejournal entry. I know. I am wrong. I am sorry"

Hi. I was listening to this great song by Los Campesinos and it reminded me that i have a blog! kind of completely forgot. That and my course leader Graeme told me today that blogs are a great way to express yourself and keep tract on your own thoughts and concepts.
Which i could do with doing really, because whenever i think of a good path to take my art I forget it within a day or so. So it'll help me keep track better, so religious- this will be a new part of my daily routine (or lack of daily routine)

Chris brought me some polaroid film yesterday :) i was really impressed as since the close down i've been struggling to get my hands on any since they stopped making it! Looking forward to the relaunch next year and thanks to the work of it looks like we might get some before that. i love love love instant film.

i love the feeling of not knowing what your going to get, of unpredictability and capturing a moment-irreversible and tangible. check out my flick for some pictures i've done with both instant and ordinary film.

Anyway, i'll have to be off because im going to check out Slade (at University College of London) tomorrow and i'm catching the train down tonight.

I'll just leave behind a polaroid i did around 2 years ago.

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