Friday, 25 December 2009

ho ho ho! :)

loved today, even though i worked for 3 hours (but double pay, come on) and i havent seen chris or anyone else, but i love my family. and they brought me lovely things, i'll probably end up fashion showing them on here!
anyway i am v. sleepy so just a quick one to show off the vintage dress i've just purchased :) (see above) cutest thing ever :D

and these amazing tights by "tattoo socks" on etsy. im extremely impressed by the peacock feather, mostly because i want a peacock feather tattoo, and also because it would freak my mum out :) and its a gorgeous design. Anyway i hope you got everything you wanted, i'm going to sleep now as i'm working 8 hours tomorrow, and apparently going for a run with chris in the morning!

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