Monday, 21 December 2009

In 15 minutes everybody will be famous

AHH why am i so rubbish at keeping up a blog :( i'm on my laptop like everyday and just forget to do this thing, and it's not like i don't enjoy writing in this thing!

Anyway since my last blog- Slade School of Art : terrifying. Me and Lily got there around half an hour before we needed to be so we had a mooch around, and it looked really great. It was all stark white and old, but the whiteness gave it this great renewed quality like someone had painted and repainted over it. I love it. We were lead up this big double staircase to a conference room.. where our dreams were shattered 35 places on the course with about 1000 applicants last year and more expected this year. gutted. i knew that London Universitys were competitive but that was kind of heart breaking. So i'm not sure whether to apply or not tbh :/ been told that i'm good enough but i mean surely a big percentage of you getting in with that many places is like..luck?

Taken in london. left; cakes in nandos. right; traflagar square, an old couple taking pictures next to the fountain.

Don't want to think about uni at the moment anyway, it's 4 days till Christmas! So excited! No idea what i'm getting of my parents and i'm yet to get my dad's present which is a bit concerning :S going to find him one today! Oh, and i already know what Chris is getting me :) he's taking me to Paris in April :D i'm so so excited, i secretly think i'm little bit french. Well my grandad did used to tell me that his Grandmother was French, but i'm not sure he wasn't just creating fairy stories to keep me amused.
I even want my next tattoo in french, it was going to be a tribute to Rene Margritte but i don't know whether it might be a little cliche artsy thing to do :/

Ceci n'est pas en vogue

edit: Oh OH and did i mention when we were at slade, were saw two of the school of saatchi contestants, Eugenie and Said! We were star struck haha in a sad art geek kind of way :) and slightly stalkled them round the school :)

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