Tuesday, 31 March 2009


id est- my car, my sanity and life as we know it: my brother joined the gym, which is the most ridiculous thing ever. Maybe this obsession runs in the family? He is 13 (he thinks, lol) and recently lost aload of weight which is lovely for him, im quite proud but the gym, im slightly jealous cause i can't afford to go to the gym, i have to make do with running around my village like a nutter, which i suppose would be all i'd do at a gym only on the confined space of a treadmill.

oh, my car; which i was just about to take a trip to the shops for milche has decided it doesnt want to start anymore :'( pile of junk, i have no idea why i was landed with it.

i really want to go away over half term. go to france for the weekend or something, anywhere but here to be honest.

art exam tomorrow, which im looking forward to but it's going to be so tiring. 9-5 exam and then work at

but im loving these pics by sarah larnach who does ladyhawkes album art.


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