Tuesday, 22 December 2009

a fox; you missed him.

:) phrase makes me smile everytime. We have such good times.

and i want that tee. maybe it'll have to be one of the things chris gets me for christmas :D

everyones gone out and i wish i'd gone out! i was tired and achey though. everyones gone to the great "couture" the new club, which i took the piss out of but its actually alright. so i'm staying in with mum and having a curry. not great undoubtably but i've not eaten much recently.

Wrapped all my presents, my present for chris is pretty cute of me :) but i won't say in case he reads this (which i'm pretty sure he doesn't but you never know), but i am a genius of a girlfriend. Hurry up christmas!

Pure tattoo bug at the moment. i want moreee. i'll have to try and get some nice pics of them. This photo isnt helping me these tattoos are cute!

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