Sunday, 24 January 2010

what does it take to get a drink in this place.

obsession with 'The Postal Service' at the moment, love them. I'm a big fan of death cab anyway and to hear Gibbard voice with upbeat almost electro beats is great!

things have been getting to me this week, i've applied to uni's and next year is becoming closer and tangible. chris is sorting out his house for next year, moving in with some people from his uni and tbh it bothers me that next year i won't wake up next to him 6 out of 7 mornings a week.
but never mind this year is going to be big, i can develop and grow on my own at uni, in a new way that moving this year didn't quite enable me. i want a big new experience. to break my comfort zone. to meet new people. to explore a new place. 

anyway back to obsessions, swallows-
how gorgeous are these swallows, on hellohandmadepaperie's etsy :)  and are designed by shanna murray

so i've gotten quite into these cutesy animal illustrations, this little fox is also lovely but i have no idea where it's from!

might do a couple of little illustration soon :)

another good news is that i finished my installation.

i really like the effect the water had on the painting, have a look at my flickr for more pictures.
very visual this blog, i'm starting my portfolio work so i'm trying to keep some imagery to inspire me. going to go in hunt of old medical books tomorrow...somewhere :/

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  1. Some quality work here Alex, love the book, never noticed how delicate it was up close... and of course the heart drawing :)