Monday, 11 January 2010

Olympics Tokyo 1964

title is from a topshop t-shirt chris is wearing.

I love that t-shirt :) he bought it when we went to a rave party because its pretty bright, and has just worn it anyway because he is mesmerised by bright colours, like a magpie for neon.

thought i'd stick in a bit of a progress report on how my heart painting for Life/Death is going.
it is taking my hours.

pictures are lit quite dull and i didn't want to whitewash any detail with the flash, but this means any detail is still quite hard to see. and my desks a state. sorry.

you can see the faint outline of the pieces i have left to do which is still a fair bit, plus i need to somehow develop a self on which to sit the pints of water that the audience is to view the piece through. the water idea has come from a quote by Graphic Designer Alan Fletcher which i has orginal heard as simply "the person you love is 72.8% water" and have recently found it's actually the text from a cover of his book "The Art of Looking Sideways" and the full quote is infact this:
"Why feel blue? Triumphs of imagination such as the person you love is 72.8% water. Do not adjust your mind, there's a fault in reality. Teach yourself ignorance. The belly-button problem."
and from that i wanted to create a piece that questioned the audience, what makes us human?
vital organs, our blood, the water we contain (or that contains us), the tissues and cells we are.
The painting is a literally representation of the physical matter we are, in front of it a barrier of pints of water, a metaphor for the water we contain, and then words which are to be projected across that may describe water or emotion, words that cross paths between the touchable state of water and the psyche of our emotion that forges our characteristics.
i might stick up another blog devoted to another artist who has taken this quote and produced quite graphic work involving the human body, which i quite like. but i'll save that for now.

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