Tuesday, 19 January 2010

j'ai fini!

well i've finished the background. (yes this is just a background piece :| )

i'll get a better picture up when i've finished the whole installation, which i probably would of done today, but laryngitis has struck me down again and i feel so ill.

 a piece i did in my sketchbook. even though apparently i chose a tag line and run with it. i just really like that quote.

" Why feel blue? 
Triumphs of imagination such as the person you love is 72.8 per cent water. Do not adjust your mind.
There is a fault in reality."


  1. Omg, I've only just realized this was you!

    You've kept this little gem quiet, your blog's brilliant!

    This looks amazing it really does! Haven't seen the other illustration, it's amazing... I'll have to take a closer look first hand! Hope you're okay btw, you haven't been in for a while (or today at least lol).

  2. Gorgeous work! I love your 'font' in the sketch.