Sunday, 10 January 2010

we are beautiful, we are doomed.

los campesinos tickets came yesterday :) happy can not actually wait. loved seeing them with the cribs, lead singer with the ginger hair was an absolute legend.
and i love the album art to "we are beautiful, we are doomed" it's so cute :)

The lyrics from the song which titles the album makes me think of the painting im doing at the moment, which is pretty much a heart which veins reach across the board.
I cannot emphasise enough that my body is a badly designed, poorly put together vessel harbouring these diminishing, so-called vital organs.
hope my heart goes first.

Obsessed with these kind of colour schemes and a clash of patterns which i found ages ago not sure of the orgins but they are named under "vogue" in my folders?
anyone have any idea where i've found these?
they are beautiful in any case.

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