Thursday, 11 March 2010

Funny how the little college girls call language corrupt.

Vampire Weekend we're amazing when we went to see them, but with lyrics like those in 'Holiday' how could they not be.
A vegetarian since the invasion
She’d never seen the word BOMBS
She’d never seen the word BOMBS blown up
To 96 point Futura
She’d never seen an AK
In a yellowy Day Glo display
A t-shirt so lovely it turned all the history books grey.
It's so clever and cutting.
So I havent blogged in a while but i've been very busy with university preparation and interviews! So fa i've had loughborough which i loved and manchester met which i also thought was great :) fingers crossed i think they went really well , though i was so nervous for manchester met which was odd, because it was one that i wasn't overly worried about. Never mind, off to leeds in two weeks for an interview!
My new art project for my major final piece is going to be on sleep, dreams and our subconscious i've decided. I recently discovered Chiharu Shiota, who's installations features different object, dress or even sleeping  people (including herself occasionally), surrounded by tangles of a web black yarn. The installations features sleeping people feel so scarily intimate, as sleeping appears to be such a delicate state to be in, however we are in fact less intimate with them as when they are awake, eyes closed, off in their own world... we couldn't be less connected to them. I think this is a brilliant concept and her work has really inspired me to involved something around our subconscious. Going to work on a piece inspired by the dream i had last night now :)

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