Friday, 26 March 2010

First Edition Flush

I was amazed to discover today that Polaroid were due to finally release their new film for both the old SX-70 and One series cameras, on the 25th! Being the owner of a one series and having only 4 Polaroids left to my name, for a good 5 minutes i was very excited about finally getting my hands on some new film. Until i found out the release of film for Polaroid One has been delayed. Boo.

In an attempt to reinvent myself, i had all my long blonde hair chopped off. I miss it terribly, i think sometimes i hope that if i change my appearance i may change my perspective, offering fresh ideas, and artistic inspiration.
we'll see.

My work centered around dreams has led me to Gregory Crewdson.

The images depict a surreal american suburbia in which the ordinary twists, and forms images you would fail to imagine.

I particularly like the last photographs which is very Ophelia (Hamlet), the drowned living room -so still the water appears mirror like. I really like the colours used, to emphasise the familiarity yet the darkness which is evident.

Currently feeling a little depressive about my lack of hair, this is severe vanity maybe it's a good thing its gone!

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  1. your blog is looking good Alex. Very revealing. I'm a big fan of Poloroid too and am excited about getting my hands on some film when it is released. Have a good time in Paris! graham