Friday, 19 February 2010

the sea is a good place to think of the future;

as is trains, as wednesday on my way up to London, i spent majority of the journey mounting photographs onto A1 sheets for the last three pages of my portfolio, for Slade University. Definitely intimidated stuff giving it in, hand in at 9:45 pick up at 4:45, nothing said about it, no feedback. Just a case of waiting now. I'm trying to be pessimistic, if i don't expect to get an interview i won't be heartbroken when i don't. Logic?

this was a draft from friday, a week later ucas tells me my slade application was unsuccessful. and im a little more heart broken than i would like to of been. this might call for some ben and jerry's.

i really want to go to the sea actually, i want to stare into the infinity that it stretches into. suppose i'm being pretty contemplative after that lovely moment of rejection. if i don't get into somewhere i really want to go i actually might go and study art in paris for a while. escape from everything, tbh i feel like getting on a plane now just so i can wake up somewhere new.

this little fawn is a kiki smith. i might do a little be of drawing tonight, it always calms me down. 

as is this anatomy print, really liking her work recently.

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