Tuesday, 31 March 2009

This is new.

So i suppose, first blog right? Never written a proper one, i don't even write a diary or anything like that really. I tend to just express what i want to say, in art. Pretentious art snob. But then it isn't subtle i suppose, it tends to be full of typography and labels which is something i'm attempting to get myself out of. Alot of things i do are far too obvious at the moment, my pictures are obvious, my photographs are superficial, even my painting becomes too precise and ends up just not having any expression in it. I've started to live through songs aswell. I know most of the Over the Lavender Bridge album (Lightspeed Champion genius) so well that i feel like i wrote it. I would kill to be able to of written that. And books, i live through those aswell. Most Palahnuik and Milan Kundera (that im reading at the moment) i talk like i was there, im the characters, im the writer and the storyline. The prologue and the interpretations. I think i needed this really, i need to finally express myself rather than everybody else i come into contact with.

i am the combined effort of everyone i've ever known.

(even that i stole)

but to a large extent i would argue that's true of everyone. nature vs nuture, i think the majority of us are nutured into our own opinions by the people we love, and the people we don't to be honest. songs i used to love of my own accord have been wrecked by shitty peoples liking of them. -oh no no no, i'm not lowering myself to his/her standards.- snob.

i think thats an issue i have where im trying so hard to break convention, my individualism becomes quite uniform. it's a shame really :) i'm living through a self convicted hedonism ("Isms" in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an "ism", they should believe in themself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles...I just believe in me."-ferris bueller).

and before i bore you to death this is isn't going to be a woe is me kind of thing. this is just me typing the contents of my brain into my computor screen.

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