Sunday, 11 April 2010

we're all mad here.

Following my work with Dreams and Subconscious i have decided to create a series of surreal imagery, using discordant themes and subjects, to create scenarios that would appear in dreams.
I wanted the photos to involve me as my dream journal is so personal to me, i think i needed to have that connection with the scenes. I wanted to create an un-real composition placing everyday objects outside of their surroundings. I really tried hard to steer the piece away from an Alice in Wonderland theme, attempting to make it more threatening and less fairytale.

The majority of the photos, i blurred the backgrounds out of focus making them appear even more dreamlike, the contrast between the harsh focus and an undefinable forest background.


  1. These photographs are amazing,
    the forth ones brilliant.
    love them! =)

  2. I've flicked through your blog as requested. Its good stuff 'lex, although reading it feels a bit like wiring myself into your thought process. Weird simile, but I think you get what I mean.

    Anyway, I'm commenting on this particular post because these shots (particularly 'light bulb on plate') make me think of scenes from Murakami's more surreal novels. Read 'After Dark', you'd love it!