Tuesday, 27 April 2010

a little side-tracked.

so i was looking for more artist who work with sleep, and thought that searching blogs might be the way to discover some.
I didn't find any...but i did find this blog, which i found absolutely hilarious, so i thought i'd share it.
I love how he has a whole sleeping persona, and how dry he is. 

his poor wife! I used to sleep talk (and walk) a lot, and my dad would frequently tell me i'd shouted something in the middle of the night. I'm not sure whether a change of environment has stopped me from sleep talking, or whether Chris is simply too heavy a sleeper to notice.

eventually i did find an artist that documents people sleeping.
David Ichioka's Sleep PixSeries, is 9 sets of people photographed sleeping every 30 mins. They are so honest and personal, and really show "the third of our lives when we're not aware our body is up to". Yet again references Chiharu Shiota's work, we are never further away from knowing what is going on in the minds of the sleepers.

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