Saturday, 7 August 2010

poetic cosmos of the breath

I first read about Tomas Saraceno in a French Vogue that i picked up in Paris in april.
The piece here was actually about ArtBrussels exhibition which i would love to visit one day, but it was the articles picture that captured my attention.

This is Tomas Saraceno's 'Poetic Cosmos of Breath', an installation piece that was created to interact the iridescent material with the rising sun. Upon inflation the dome reflects cascading ripples of neon. When i initially saw the pictures it made me think of blowing bubbles, when the sun catches the liquid in the bubble and swirls the same colous.

This video shows it's setting up as well as it's finished effect.

I think for me this is the start of something good and irresponsible.

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